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Generally there are Three (3) grades of Mat Manufacturing. They are terms as Coarse, Fine and Super Fine. The number of warp threads also increases with finer mats. They are locally known as super-fine mats, those with 50 warp threads in every nine inches of total mat width are termed fine mats. Coarse mats cost lesser than any other quality. These coarse mats will have the bigger and broader wafts of Korai grass with simple design so as to make it a low cost and affordable by everyone.

Naseer Mat Industries make any given qualitity of Mats with a preferred design. Predesigned, weaved Mats are also available out of stock.

Mats with the following :
Super Fine Quality Weaving.
Mind Blogging Colors
Traditional and modern designs.
Fully Washable, and dryable in the open
Easy to Roll Up and Store
Portable Spreads of any size
Mats for Marriage Gifts
Naseer Mat Industries Are The Famous Manufacturers and Exporters of Fine Quality Korai (Grass) Mats in Tamil Nadu, India.

We Accept Supply Orders From Within India And From Throughout The Globe And Implement Them Diligently Within The Given Time Frame With The Uncompromised Quality And Finery In Weaving.

White Mat For Every Home - Single & Double
White Mat
White Mat-2
Our Clientele

Our Prestigious Clientele are people from all walks of life. Rich and poor with no caste and color barrier. Neither consideration of religion nor barred from a border line of a country. Every home in India adorn our Quality Mats Products. Eastern countries love to spread our Mats on their surfaces. Western countries, adorn their rooms with Super Fine Quality Mats. Portable rolls are carried along with as a best resting piece during picnics.

Mosques, Temples, Churches use our Mats. Spread over any surface to rest comfortably.

Open Schools, Ashrams, Madarasas uses our Mats for their pleasant and comfortable sitting.

Parties of any kind - private or political, on any occasion - Marriage or any other celebration, everyone uses Naseer Mats.

A perfect Handicraft, once custom-made and presented from Madras to Queen Elizabeth as a Coronation Gift.

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